Modern Esperanto as it is used and spoken around the world

Building on the phenomenally successful Complete Esperanto, here comes Enjoy Esperanto, an exciting addition to any learner's collection.

Enjoy Esperanto gives you conversation within a realistic storyline and with characters portrayed by international Esperantists, takes you further than ever into Esperanto grammar and culture, and presents material from a range of contemporary Esperanto sources, including magazines, blogs, and podcasts.

Special price

EAB wants you to become an expert Esperanto speaker and believes that Enjoy Esperanto is an essential tool on the journey. As with Complete Esperanto, we're selling the book at half its retail price to encourage you to buy it.

The book starts out at CEFR level B1, progressing to C1, ending with content wholly in Esperanto. Packed with information, tips and trivia, Enjoy Esperanto will teach even the most experienced Esperantist something new, in clear, concise and correct language.

Outside the UK? The postage might be expensive, so bear in mind that Enjoy Esperanto is available from other retailers, such as, and on Kindle. Plus, we'll sell copies of the book to your local Esperanto association at our special price: put them in contact with us, so that you and others in your country can get the book cheaply too!


A handful of Esperanto experts saw Enjoy Esperanto before it was officially published. Here's what they had to about it!